Came across this pepul tree, near my house it was standing free,

For years and years it was the same – I can trust my memory.

Then one day as I walked past it and was not in a hurry,

I was taken aback by thick smoke in its periphery,

Felt protective and neared it with concern,

To check if there was a need to raise an alarm and take an action.

Shocked at the sight of bunches of incense sticks and earthen lamps around,

Choking the pepul and its roots beneath the ground.

It was being worshipped to ward off evil I was told,

If only evil and misfortune were as easy to avoid…..

I only incense sticks and earthen lamps could….

Faith can move mountains, I always knew,

But doing things blindly without reasoning will move nothing, that too I know.


Homes out of houses

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Let’s try and make homes out of houses,

Let’s fill them with smiles and a heart that bounces.

Let’s try and bring peace to the complex and troubled mind,

That comes back after hectic schedules to unwind.

Let it be dirty but have clean hearts and souls,

Let it be poor but always ready to give out of the bowls.

Let it practice and not only preach,

To become the teacher that doesn’t really need to teach.

The home has the power to act as a balm,

To soothe the nerves and to provide the space,

For each one to bloom and grow unjudged with inner peace.

Food and more


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Do we eat to live, or live to eat? This is a million dollar question like “what came first – chicken or egg?”

For me it’s a little bit of both. Taste buds have the power to transport one to an unbelievable height of ecstasy.

I’m talking about food, taste and the pleasure of eating after a heavenly gastronomical experience at an authentic Andhra food chain in Bangalore. The place left me speechless at that moment and the only way I thought I could do justice to the deliciousness of that meal was by writing about it!

In hindsight, the decision to choose that joint for a family dinner was, of course the best one. We had pre booked a table as a Saturday evening poses a threat of long queues-in-waiting (the second good decision!)

Being greeted warmly at the entrance and ushered in to the table was the first pleasure of the evening. Amongst the numerous fast food chains and upmarket fine dining joints that don’t seem to care if you leave satisfied, this one made sure that we did!

Fast service followed and within minutes of us taking our seats clean, green banana leaves were laid out. Nature’s eco friendly plate won the heart, yet again! Efficient staff began serving the fluffy white rice (topped with ghee!), vegetables, sambar, rasam, curd and butter milk. What a healthy and wholesome spread – the right balance of oil, spices, seasonings and salt! A variety of tempting powders (pudis!) and pickles were already on the table waiting to be devoured by us. The table went silent for the next few minutes as all of us began savouring the delicacies. It was an example of how simple, tasty and clean food can score over fancy sounding dishes any day. It was only after washing off the first round, did we start talking about its taste – that was the effect on all of us! The stomachs were full, but the sheer brilliance of the dishes tempted us for a second helping, which was served again with the same affection.

An Indian ritual of asking you to have some more may not go well with some, but I genuinely appreciate it as it helps build that connect between the cook, the one who serves and the one eating, and after the meal along with the stomach the heart is also full! It was with that full heart and tummy that we came out of the place. I’m sure the experience will stay with me for a long long time to come.

Colours of life



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Two weeks after my daughter’s wedding and the post wedding wrap ups, thank yous and hours of rest and relaxation, I guess I have some private time with myself – time that belongs only to me and my thoughts. And here I am snug with my cup of tea, laptop and study table (yes, laptop on the study table may appear a misfit to today’s generation, but seriously I’m never comfortable holding it on my lap!)

Just like the wheels of a rapidly running bicycle take time to slowly come to a halt so is my mind and body taking it’s time. It is getting used to the change in the speed and quantity of work. There are no to-dos to be ticked at the end of the day, no deadlines – feels a wee bit strange. The paradox of the pace is amazing. But as we human beings are fast learners, I guess I’m loving this period of relative inactivity. There’s a lot going on inside me but there’s no rush, no race.

Well, the first feeling is that of an in-house friend becoming a pen/phone friend. Thanks to the technological advancements, I am also able to see my friend when I talk to her. And the double delight of addition of another is a real bonus (it’s like the double scoop of your favourite ice-cream!). We remain constantly in touch as we used to, sharing the minutest detail with each other. I’m happy to see her happier, content as she begins sharing her life with an amazing person whom she’s discovering with each passing day. May their journey together fulfil their lives!

Secondly, I’m now being referred to as being ‘free’ by many whom I meet or talk to. I, somehow, am not able to comprehend totally what ‘freedom’ they are referring to. I was not bound by chains then nor am I now. It’s just that I’m a little laid back now when I see my children happy with their partners and moving on into a new phase in their lives. We, as parents, have to let them grow. My blessings will be with them – may their paths be smooth.

My life hence will unfold its newer colours to me and I’m sure that they are in all those hues that I love. Come on life, I’m all set to welcome you with open arms, mind and heart.



Today you are a year older,

You have more than just three sixty five days added –

What you have is –

A heart full of more memories,

A brain full of more experiences,

A life full of moments of love and joy,

To make you realize the goodness around,

And reflect upon the blessings that abound.

The days to follow will fulfill and enrich you,

They will give you the best,

Stay humble and full of peace,

Remain blessed and move ahead with ease.



A new year unfolds, and the older one goes,

Move into it with grace, love and a rose.

You’ve always spread smiles and sparks on the path you chose.

May God be with you in the life ahead……

As into a new journey you tread,

Be pure, gentle and with a heart full of love,

And you’ll forever be blessed with blessings from above.

Special day


May your world, your days have all that you desire,

May you have inner peace, strength and the fire,

May you become what you want to yet remain what you are,

Today is as special as you are.

It’s a milestone, a stopover….

To look back and plan ahead,

Basket full of wishes for your life to be the best.