Holding hands


Two to a tango, two to a cheer,

That’s what life has been for both of you so dear.

Life brought you to each other from places unknown,

To shower you with blessings unbound.

You are sure of facing what life will unfold,

When the partner’s hand is close by to hold.

Because it’s not only the hand that you hold,

It’s the faith, the love and the trust that is held close.

That you are there for each other come what may,

And there’s nothing in the world that cannot be controlled.

The year moved like a smooth dance,

As the music of life matched every stance.

May you continue to enjoy travelling the path,

Holding hands when there is light and more tightly in the dark.




It’s been ten years……ten long years,

Missed you each moment…..but felt you all along,

In the pleasures…..and the pains,

In summers, winters and the rains.

You have been by my side when I smile…..

And then too when my eye wells with the tear I try to hide….

You taught me to be strong… always brave the storm,

And I know where the strength comes from…..

It is from the memories ….. memories that are pillars,

Memories that are precious…… memories that are forever.




Came across this pepul tree, near my house it was standing free,

For years and years it was the same – I can trust my memory.

Then one day as I walked past it and was not in a hurry,

I was taken aback by thick smoke in its periphery,

Felt protective and neared it with concern,

To check if there was a need to raise an alarm and take an action.

Shocked at the sight of bunches of incense sticks and earthen lamps around,

Choking the pepul and its roots beneath the ground.

It was being worshipped to ward off evil I was told,

If only evil and misfortune were as easy to avoid…..

I only incense sticks and earthen lamps could….

Faith can move mountains, I always knew,

But doing things blindly without reasoning will move nothing, that too I know.

Homes out of houses

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Let’s try and make homes out of houses,

Let’s fill them with smiles and a heart that bounces.

Let’s try and bring peace to the complex and troubled mind,

That comes back after hectic schedules to unwind.

Let it be dirty but have clean hearts and souls,

Let it be poor but always ready to give out of the bowls.

Let it practice and not only preach,

To become the teacher that doesn’t really need to teach.

The home has the power to act as a balm,

To soothe the nerves and to provide the space,

For each one to bloom and grow unjudged with inner peace.



Today you are a year older,

You have more than just three sixty five days added –

What you have is –

A heart full of more memories,

A brain full of more experiences,

A life full of moments of love and joy,

To make you realize the goodness around,

And reflect upon the blessings that abound.

The days to follow will fulfill and enrich you,

They will give you the best,

Stay humble and full of peace,

Remain blessed and move ahead with ease.



A new year unfolds, and the older one goes,

Move into it with grace, love and a rose.

You’ve always spread smiles and sparks on the path you chose.

May God be with you in the life ahead……

As into a new journey you tread,

Be pure, gentle and with a heart full of love,

And you’ll forever be blessed with blessings from above.

Special day


May your world, your days have all that you desire,

May you have inner peace, strength and the fire,

May you become what you want to yet remain what you are,

Today is as special as you are.

It’s a milestone, a stopover….

To look back and plan ahead,

Basket full of wishes for your life to be the best.