It’s been ten years……ten long years,

Missed you each moment…..but felt you all along,

In the pleasures…..and the pains,

In summers, winters and the rains.

You have been by my side when I smile…..

And then too when my eye wells with the tear I try to hide….

You taught me to be strong… always brave the storm,

And I know where the strength comes from…..

It is from the memories ….. memories that are pillars,

Memories that are precious…… memories that are forever.



6 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Big hug, Tai!
    I have no words…
    Love you! We all derive strength from you and have complete faith in your faith in Him.

  2. I have tears in my eyes – I loved these pictures am so proud of the fact that you are my mother – I am going to be there for you always Ma ❤

  3. Very nicely expressed,
    Past memories (in abundance) should be our strength for present and future.
    Worth a praise, You are really unique.
    God bless you, With Best Wishes,

    Ranjana and Poji.

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