That thing we do


We all keep doing things…..some are meant to be done, some we love doing, and yet some we do on an impulse. All three have their own implications. For the first category, we can’t do much about, because whether we like it or not we have to do them. I feel that we should do the second thing as religiously as the first one because whether we realize it or not it is essential for us. Actually this is for the soul….very personal, may be a little selfish too (because we do it for ourselves….) but this is, if not more, equally essential for our survival…..our growth…..our sanity. It may be as mundane as cleaning and scrubbing the house to cooking and baking to as specialized as painting or dancing. Each one of us gets a comfort, a leveller in a myriad of activities and we have to keep doing them for our own selves. It is while performing them that we may find solutions  to many problems, get new ideas and perspectives and above all they are our ‘stress busters’ as they say.

Now, it’s the third one that has a position of its own – the activities that we do on impulse. There is seldom a reason behind them. We just do them. But they can be life turners….. I cannot say that they are always correct or always incorrect (that is precisely why they are done on an impulse!) but they sure teach us a life lesson.

I would like to share one such thing that I did and which is from the third category. It happened decades back when I had just learnt driving. Me and my daughter got a little adventurous and headed for a long drive in the evening. It was during winters, when evenings turn to darkness early. It so happened that there was a traffic jam on the main road due to a VIPs visit and I impulsively decided to take an unknown route to our destination. It was a semi constructed narrow road which was just enough for a one way traffic (all these were later realizations – what would have happened if another car came from the opposite direction?). It grew dark as we moved ahead, and it was nearly double the time/distance we had otherwise taken/covered through the normal route, and the familiar surroundings were yet to appear. For someone who had just learnt to drive, it was turning out to be quite a challenge. Then, after, a long drive (precisely for which we had set out for, but which was by now turning out to be a tad bit uncomfortable), I sensed familiarity and assured myself of the credibility of the route. The implusive decision, besides perfecting my driving skills, taught me something more, which sometimes, clearly thought through decisions are not capable of – having confidence to brave the odds (taking risks is not always the correct answer, but keeping the faith is – faith in yourself! )

So, the jumpstart to do the third category of the thing we do comes from within….. in the spur of the moment. If we think too much about it, it won’t fit into the category, anyway J


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