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Do we eat to live, or live to eat? This is a million dollar question like “what came first – chicken or egg?”

For me it’s a little bit of both. Taste buds have the power to transport one to an unbelievable height of ecstasy.

I’m talking about food, taste and the pleasure of eating after a heavenly gastronomical experience at an authentic Andhra food chain in Bangalore. The place left me speechless at that moment and the only way I thought I could do justice to the deliciousness of that meal was by writing about it!

In hindsight, the decision to choose that joint for a family dinner was, of course the best one. We had pre booked a table as a Saturday evening poses a threat of long queues-in-waiting (the second good decision!)

Being greeted warmly at the entrance and ushered in to the table was the first pleasure of the evening. Amongst the numerous fast food chains and upmarket fine dining joints that don’t seem to care if you leave satisfied, this one made sure that we did!

Fast service followed and within minutes of us taking our seats clean, green banana leaves were laid out. Nature’s eco friendly plate won the heart, yet again! Efficient staff began serving the fluffy white rice (topped with ghee!), vegetables, sambar, rasam, curd and butter milk. What a healthy and wholesome spread – the right balance of oil, spices, seasonings and salt! A variety of tempting powders (pudis!) and pickles were already on the table waiting to be devoured by us. The table went silent for the next few minutes as all of us began savouring the delicacies. It was an example of how simple, tasty and clean food can score over fancy sounding dishes any day. It was only after washing off the first round, did we start talking about its taste – that was the effect on all of us! The stomachs were full, but the sheer brilliance of the dishes tempted us for a second helping, which was served again with the same affection.

An Indian ritual of asking you to have some more may not go well with some, but I genuinely appreciate it as it helps build that connect between the cook, the one who serves and the one eating, and after the meal along with the stomach the heart is also full! It was with that full heart and tummy that we came out of the place. I’m sure the experience will stay with me for a long long time to come.


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