The anniversary

2012-05-12 14.22.27

A prayer, a blessing, a loving hand always on your head,

This is what I wish for both of you as into the second year you tread.

As you look at the year gone by with a smile full of love,

And with starry eyes dream of the future with blessings from above,

You have what you desire and achieve what you aim.

The first year is like a toddler’s step taken with each other’s support,

But, nonetheless it lays the foundation of your future growth.

May you always look back at this year with infinite love,

          And together keep discovering the happiness trove.

             These are the wishes for the precious two,

             Who are softly and lovingly entering a year that’ll be new.


2 thoughts on “The anniversary

  1. I m falling short of words maa…how do i express my love n gratitude today i dont know…i knew it would be beautiful but didnt expect it to be this magical. Thank u for being my angel…love u is all i can say 🙂

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