Joy squared

What hapeens when anything is squared? Obviously it is doubled! Isn’t it great to have a double – a double scoop of your favorite ice cream comes to the mind straight away, doesn’t it? And what if god blesses you with two children together – yes, I’m talking about twins. It’s a miracle, a bonus, a bounty – just joy squared!

I have always been fascinated by twins. I can understand all the trouble a mother endures carrying them, nuturing them and all of that but just visualize the joy, the warmth, the love they bring – all doubled. Each child when he or she comes into this world brings a uniqueness along with him that is only his or hers – imagine the pleasure of having that uniqueness split into two. Apart from similar looks, you get similar personalities, likes, dislikes and tastes too! It’s a miracle in the truest sense.

Last evening once again I witnessed joy squared – a pair of an year old twins in the pram with their mother. It’s always been a treat to watch the two of them since the past few months. The mother is very regular in taking them for walks in a double seater pram. During winters it was late mornings and early evenings and now during summers it is vice versa – early mornings and late evenings. Whenever I see them my joy is squared, for sure. Both are boys and are very communicative. There is hardly anyone on the road who moves without giving them a second look and a smile. Usually all kids get such an attention but as I say it’s in a double doze here as well. The proud mother gladly receives all the compliments with open arms (she’s used to it by now!).

So, next time when you receive something a little more than normal, just relax and be assured that it is nothing but joy squared and relish it with all your heart.


2 thoughts on “Joy squared

  1. What a pleasure to read about own kids. I’m mother of twins – Kaavyam and Kaavyansh. yea, it’s a double joy. I’ve to work harder but at the end of the day, there are four arms to hug me, two pouts to kiss me, four sparkling eyes that look at me with love and bundles of joy not to mention.

    • Thanks, Kiran! I’m a huge fan of adorable Kaavyam and Kaavyansh:) They are as blessed to have a loving mom like you as you are to have them in your life. May all of you be showered with lots of happiness always! God bless!

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