Heat and dust

People all over the north of India these days are talking about two things – heat and dust! It is the latest ‘top of the mind’ topic. The newspapers are full of pictures, statistics and records pertaining to it – the highest teperature in last ten years, the ‘hottest may’, global warming, el nino effect and what not. The television has the most scary visuals – people with covered heads and faces, empty roads with prominent mirage formations, parched animals and birds and similar scenarios.

The roads are lined with earthen pots, carts full of mangoes and litchis, piles of watermelons in all sizes and sugar cane juice, jal-jeera and other indegenous drinks that help beat the heat – you may choose the one that suits you!

Rising temperatures, increased power cuts and kids at home on account of summer vacations add to the woes of already hassled housewives. The house always wears the look of an ‘after the storm’ scene. The kitchen is in a mess, the bathrooms are dirty, the beds are almost never made and there is more stuff on the floor than in the cupboards  and on study tables and shelves. Isn’t the scene familiar? Never mind, it’s the ‘heat and dust’ and shall soon pass.

Pools, ice creams, mangoes and chilled juices exist to even out the effects of ‘heat and dust’ and help us chill – literally! Enjoy the mulmuls, skimpy outfits, spa visits, movie halls, holiday in the hills or just a good book in the cool comfort of your room. Eat light and have cool drinks for a soothing feel. Fighting the ‘heat and dust’ is the mantra. As they say, “What cannot be cured, must be endured”. So, go ahead and endure, adding all the fun in the process.


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