Adopting the periwinkle

‘It’ happened this morning – the adoption!

I was on my way to the store to buy milk packets for the day when I spotted this uprooted ‘periwinkle’ plant outside someone’s garden. A meticulous gardner may have found it to be too ‘ordinary’ and in an attempt to make space for a ‘fashionable’ species just pulled it and tossed it across the fence.

It stared at me, and I couldn’t resist. I had to take it home, replant it and see it blooming once again. Periwinkle is one of my childhood friends. Nearly five decades back when fancy house plants did not exsist, every house could be seen with a pot of the humble periwinkle in all it’s mauve glory. It is a sturdy, perennial plant and has medicinal properties too! It does not require much care apart from watering (which all plants do) and flowers the whole year through – justifying it’s hindi common name ‘sadabahaar’.

I picked it up and proceeded to the store, did my shopping and came home proudly with the newest addition to my tiny ‘balcony garden’ of about a dozen pots. As if it was predestined, there was an empty pot available and all I had to do was plant it. It took me just a few minutes to make it a part of my family – adopt it! And now it ‘looks’ happy and I feel happy to have given it a chance to live once again.


2 thoughts on “Adopting the periwinkle

  1. Beautiful flower, beautiful words, beautiful thoughts, beautiful deed!

    Lots of love & regards,

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