An ode to my mother

I am because you were; I am a part of you,

My face, my voice, my mind and my heart….

Is so much like you.

You made me what I am, but didn’t stay long enough to savour the results.

Your vision your dream and your aspirations…

Did I fulfil I do not know?

                                                                               But your words, your care, your comfort and your love……

Has always helped me grow.

Your humour was unparalleled and so was your charm,

Your demeanor always  spread the warmth,

That pulled aside all on the troubled path…

And spread the joy that was in your heart.

I am selfish, I need you still….

But you are with the One whose is the supreme will.

A life cut short, a life ended too soon….

But a life lived well, a life which was a boon.


4 thoughts on “An ode to my mother

  1. So beautiful- every word is so touching and full of love!
    You’re the best, Tai!…words fail me, whenever I think about you and your way of living! Hats off!
    Love you dher sara!


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