Learning life’s lessons

Life is the greatest teacher and so are the people we meet in our lives. We learn from events and people that make up our lives – infact life is a continuous process of learning. Just like in classroom and copybook learning one is at first at a basic level and gradually moves on, gaining more and more knowledge. In life too, we are different stages of learning. We find ourselves wondering at 40 – “Why didn’t I do this when I was 20!” This is common to everyone. Actually, our responses when we are 40 are very different to those that are at 20! And that is what life has taught us and what we have learnt from life. Just like in class, in life too there are very good learners, average learners and slow learners but each one of us certainly learns from the years that we spend. Just like in books, in life there are chapters (though it is not always specified where they begin and where they end) to teach us the valuable lessons. There are countless people who cross our paths with a purpose – imparting a lesson each time. When we come across these people or events we seldom realize the lesson we will learn from them. Life is actually a complex phenomenon with surprizes, treats and knowledge to offer. It is upto us to learn and become wiser as we move along, learning from whatever and whoever crosses our path. This, I guess, is the essence of a life lived well.


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