“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”-  and a garden, the most beautiful spot in a home, is certainly immensely beautiful and a provider of joy forever. It lends tranquility, peace and solace to a troubled mind, security, shelter and fluttering space to birds and bees – it’s the perfect abode. The charm of a garden is unique at different times of the year – in different seasons….. if spring is its youth, winter is its old age and summer its mischevious childhood. It needs a lot of tender care in summer and winter while in spring it takes its own care and blooms with all its vigour and vitality. It is, indeed, fascinating to watch and admire the garden – that occassional wild flower which no one has planted, a bird’s nest hidden in the bush or a new species of a butterfly never seen before. Such are the surprises it presents…..and sometimes shocks too – a mysteriously withering plant or a limping creeper – and the heart breaks. It showcases the many phases, many moods of life. It is actually a picture of life – exhibiting that it goes on….. will continue to give joy with certain elements and even without them. Just like life, a garden needs tending but has to have those wild flowers and birds’ nest as surprises – the one which has these continues to be a thing of beauty and a joy forever.


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