The bright spot

 Who doesn’t look for a bright spot? We all love the ‘bright spots’ of our lives and constantly pine for more and more of them. The ‘bright spot’ truly brightens up an otherwise mundane day. It may be anything – for a child, it may be a pat from his favorite teacher or a hug from the mother or a chocolate from his father, for a young girl or boy, it may be the look, the eye contact or a smile from the other, for the husband, it may be his favorite dish served by his wife or his table rearranged or his cupboard sorted by her for him and for the wife, it may be a surprise movie, gift or even a hot cup of tea made by her husband. All these are ‘bright spots’ that are created by someone for you…… For the child, it’s done by the teacher or the mother or father, for the young girl and boy, by each other for each other and it’s the wife doing for the husband and vice-versa. Some times it is done purposely (out of love and concern) while at others it just happens because of the bond you share with the other person. But, have you ever experienced the feeling of becoming the ‘bright spot’ for a stranger or for someone whom you do not know well or who you feel would not be having someone just doing it for them? I have, a number of times, and it is difficult to put into words the joy and satisfaction you derive when you become someone’s ‘bright spot’. It could be for anyone from your maid, to the milkman, to the cab driver, the shopkeeper, the vegetable seller, the person behind you in a queue or the kid playing on the street…..just anyone. You have only to acknowledge the person, listen to him/her; call him/her by his/her name or even simpler, smile 🙂 and you will become his/her ‘bright spot’ – worth a try, I’m sure.


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