Be your own raddiwala

What happens to anything in the house that is in excess – not wanted anymore…..not of use anymore – a raddiwala is called for and all that is religiously handed over to him. In fact some households have a fixed periodicity too for the same – i.e. he visits once every month, or once after two or three months as the need be. After each visit of the raddiwala the house looks cleaner and spacious because all the ‘excess baggage’ has gone and it is clutter free – almost as good as new! That is the time when you usually think about changing the decor of the house or buying something new because suddenly there is space around to add new and better things! Now, this is the external scenario…..what about the internal ‘cleaning’- the cleaning of our minds? We need to do the same even there – we have to de clutter, create space. I’m sure all of us have ‘excess baggage’ inside us too, and for that clean up there is no raddiwala – we have to be our own raddiwala! We have to keep cleaning our minds of whatever is not required, not needed anymore for a fresh and new ground for exploring, experiencing and enjoying all that the world has to offer – just like buying new things or rearranging things in the house. It is very important to learn this art of being our own  ‘raddiwala’ . All of us have a limited number of days, and I feel it’s a great idea to keep playing the role of our own raddiwala regularly to lead a happy, stress free life, and making the most of the time allotted to us……


6 thoughts on “Be your own raddiwala

    • I’m so glad, Molshree with your readiness to comply to the ‘gyan’ I try to share…… I feel that I need to pass on whatever I have learnt over the years…. Thanks, again for being receptive:)

  1. Such a clear-cut, inspiring thought,Tai !

    Shedding the excess baggage is indeed very important…

    Love the title and the perception!

    Thanks for sharing,Tai. 🙂

    Lots of love & regards,

    • Yes, Bhavya…..I feel very strongly about it…..we all keep doing it on auto pilot too as that is how life goes on; but at times we have to be first aware of it and then consciously do it to see the wonderful results:)

  2. Loved it thoroughly aunty… positive n inspiring it is!
    No doubt its u whose radiance is reflected thru Maya…..Hats off! 🙂

    • Thanks, Divya….thank you so much. It always makes me very happy to see that you younger people are able to connect with my thoughts…I try to share whatever I have learnt in all these years…. Thanks again for being receptive…
      Take care….God bless!

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