Our thoughts

We are what we think – our thoughts make us. Some of us are optimists, some pessimists and some in between the two mainly because of our thoughts. Are we in control of what we think – our thoughts? The answer is both a ‘yes’ and a ‘no’. ‘No’ – because thoughts keep coming to an active human mind; and ‘yes’ – because a mature and rational adult mind can channelize them meaningfully. The terms like sensible, sorted, mature are all used to describe people who are able to control their thoughts; it may not be possible all the time, though. When we are in a position to ignore the negative thoughts and create a situation where in the positive thoughts start dominating, we are able to bring about a difference in our lives and in turn to the lives of others. There are many instances of people who bounce back after a set back – all of them have just mastered the technique of thinking right. The human mind is amazing – it only requires the right shove and once it gets that it can work wonders. So, the first step towards anything has to be the correct thought. We should let the mind think about anything under the sun but at the same time develop the capacity to filter.

 As Gautam Buddha said, “What we think, we become”. So, let’s strive to just think right.


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