Kid bytes

Children are, by far, the most original, spontaneous, serious and funny creatures – and I simply adore them. In my journey, I have come across many, many of them and each one has been unique and special and has often made me smile even on the toughest of the days. They speak their hearts out most spontaneously without any pretence or inhibition. Childhood is, without doubt, the best part of our lives…… I would like to share some of the instances with kids that are still fresh in my mind – some of them happened nearly twenty years back (that’s why I will not give out the real names lest I embarrass the young adult nowJ) while some are more recent. Each will be in a different color to signify a different child and shade of life…….

A younger sibling sneaked into a group of older ones chatting and just kept listening wide mouthed to their boastings et all…. The topic steered to the ‘Boards’ their respective schools followed……some said CBSE while the others ICSE and so on and so forth…when suddenly this 5 yr old jumped in between with the ‘board’ in her school – “Black-board” 🙂

The class one teacher sees a boy hitting the one sitting next to him. She immediately runs to their desk, takes the both of them aside and very tactfully keeping her nerves intact, carefully choosing each word says, “You do not hit like this, Arun my darling!” To which Arun smartly retorts, “Then how do I hit, Ma’m.” The teacher forgets the lesson to be given to Arun and he gets a hug instead 🙂

There was a mela happening and there was an option of sponsoring coupons for kids by the adults present. A lady bought a few coupons of various denominations and handed them over to a little girl who was eyeing the goodies and perhaps didn’t have enough to buy them. Hesitatingly, she took the offer but still wasn’t sure what they meant. A little while later, the lady forgot about it when suddenly out of no where she saw the girl running towards her, hands brimming with the goodies shouting, “Aunty can I have some more ‘nakli (fake) notes” She had never ever purchased things she loved with pieces of paper (coupons) other than the real notes!

Kids were asked to paint whatever they liked in their art class. All were busy with their crayons. One boy made all the things he had learnt to in all of his four years with great effort and after finishing his art work, filled the entire sheet in blue paint, covering the house, the tree, the flower, the car, the TV …… all that he had so diligently worked upon some time back. The teacher asked him the reason why he did so? The answer was, “floods!”  🙂

There are innumerable such bytes more to be shared, but maybe some other time. Enjoy the kids and their innocence till then…….


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