Sparing a thought for others

Life these days is extremely busy for everyone. People have time only to think about themselves and their loved ones. They are too involved in tight rope walking their lives! In the midst of all this, the other day, the lady who comes to work at my place told me how while cooking meals for herself and her family of five one evening she saw a pregnant stray dog watching them expectantly. She then told me that she made two additional chapattis and gave it to her who gobbled them in no time and went away wagging her tail as if thanking her for the treat. This story was just a part of a casual conversation between the two of us but it set me thinking…..the lady must be making counted chapattis each night for the family, I thought, and perhaps would have gone with two less chapattis for herself (I’m sure she would have cut down on her share and not of any other family member). Sparing a thought for others – persons, animals, environment – just needs a mind set and willingness. It has nothing to do with money, resources, education or power – the lady who works at my house does not have any of these – she just felt that she needed to give the dog something to eat and she did so by sharing from whatever she had. It may or may not have fully met the need of the stray but it sure did bind them into a bond – that of humanity. Most of the times we argue about lack of time in doing something for others, but this lady is busier than most of us – she is out of her house at 6am only to return at 6pm working continuously  with maybe a hurried lunch break in between, and when she returns home she has a house and family to cater to and all the pending work to complete (and no weekend to look forward to, either!); yet she makes time for others and I genuinely appreciate her for that. Each one we meet has lessons to give us and that day this simple lady gave me one in sparing a thought for others!


4 thoughts on “Sparing a thought for others

  1. Kudos to her…for that great gesture…and kudos to you…for that great heart to realize and acknowledge the gesture 🙂

  2. This is so touching and so inspiring ,Tai!
    Three cheers to Humanism!

    Thanks so much for sharing such a beautiful wisdom nugget.Loved it ,especially for the embedded feelings of thoughtfulness!

    Love & regards,

    • Humanity can be found and seen just anywhere…..all living beings are connected in an invisible chain……it’s up to each one of us to make this chain stronger by caring for one another…..
      Take care,,,,lots of love and blessings!

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