The superpower

 All of us have faith in and believe in some superpower or the other – we may have different names for IT but believe we certainly do! The effect of it is difficult to explain… reason….to justify… prove. You just know someone somewhere is working for you…..sorting things out…..solving your problems…..sharing your dilemmas….gently nudging you in the right direction – actually just being there for you when you need that intervention! You know it will never fail you; at times when things do not move as desired there has to be another better option waiting for you which has been figured out by this power. You may not see it in troubled times… may not realize the reason behind it but later on when you run a flash back of events, the picture takes form and everything becomes crystal clear – why things happened the way they did and why they didn’t – it’s that superpower behind even the smallest episode in your lives.

Sometimes when you have time at hand, just sit back and recollect how things happened in your lives – how you merely treaded the path carved out for you….how you received some things and missed the others and why….at times you may find the answers….at others when you don’t maybe, you are questioning a little too early…..some day you will most certainly be able to see the picture getting clearer and that is the day that when your faith is reaffirmed in that SUPERPOWER.


4 thoughts on “The superpower

  1. This is so true…have experienced it myself so many times and at different stages in life…and after reading it, there is this sense of reassurance that whatever happens in future will also be good 🙂

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