Grey matters

A Hindi phrase goes – sunlight hasn’t greyed the hair– meaning that a grey mane symbolizes years of experience and wisdom; and is not merely a result of sunlight lightening that jet black gift of God. True….very true. One who has lived on this planet for a considerable number of years (and has those silver strands as the jewel in the crown as a proof!) is expected to justify the same by acting and talking wisely! The moment you ask a question that is regarding something you do not know but are expected to know by virtue of your age (the hair that speaks the truth always!), you are stared at with a typical ‘even I know that though I’m younger than you’ look and a sly, crooked smile. You squirm and smile with that hair and try and take everything in good humor, secretly wishing the other person to come of age (at which you are, but with more silver in his/her hair!) to understand your predicament. As the hair lightens, so does the memory and reflexes but those with a dark mane are not able to imagine that scenario. At the vegetable market, people ask you for tricks to select sweet mangoes, red watermelons and cucumbers that are not bitter. Is it that easy? Does grey hair mean you have to know all of that? You have done that so many times, but still after selecting and rejecting many you end up bringing home sour mangoes, bland watermelons and bitter cucumbers! You are expected to be worldly wise (which you are, but not always!) and an expert at suggesting a home remedy for a colic baby or a sore throat or skin allergy. Can anybody break the myth that merely a grey head cannot suggest a treatment for all of these? It must have been a frustrated soul who invented hair dye, I’m sure – frustrated at being treated like a know all and fed up of being asked things he/she did not have an answer for. Once you sport hair of the color which ‘speaks’ nothing about your age things are better – you blend well :). But one thing is for sure and that is – grey matters!


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