Change of scene

Lights are dimmed and the scene on the stage changes – a change of scene is so important in a drama – it breaks the monotony, brings freshness and changes the perspective. Life is a stage and all of us actors – and hence a change of scene is absolutely essential (though there are one act plays!) in our day to day lives too. In reality it happens sometimes in auto pilot while at others, one has to consciously do it for a variety of reasons – to sort things out, to refresh, to buy time, to think, to analyze – and the technique seldom fails! Amongst all the above reasons, my favorite is ‘to refresh’ – if you change the scene merely to refresh yourself, everything else automatically falls into place. Once you come back to square one, you find yourself better equipped to face the situation which was overriding sometime back. It’s amazing how our brain works and once it is kept in the ‘stand by’ mode (either consciously or unconsciously by changing the scene) it is much better equipped to handle the grind! This always reaffirms the faith in the importance of a change of scene. A glance out of the window, a small stroll in your terrace or garden, even a visit to your humble balcony is enough to do the trick! Our school time tables always had the break time (where it was mandatory to go outside the class room!), games and physical training sessions (which, again, required moving out of the room!) neatly arranged into the daily schedules to provide that change of scene. It also serves as a potent medicine when one is angry, emotional or high strung due to any reason whatsoever; and always shows positive results (thereby giving the likes of smoking, drinking etc. a tough competition!). So, if you are already feeling an overdose of thoughts at the moment, just look out of the window and come back 🙂



2 thoughts on “Change of scene

  1. Such a refreshing read,Tai!…You’ve almost made my day with this post.Now let me do my bit-this inspires me to keep my anxieties at bay and relax for the day.
    Thanks a bunch!:)

    Lots of love & regards,

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