Each morning at dawn a new day unfolds with all the promise and mystery. It is a gift – a surprise for us. It is given to us to cherish and savor. We are responsible for it. We are the ones accountable and we alone can handle it – to take it as it unfolds, to fill it up with more than it can hold, to love it, to hate it or even to ignore it. If we take the first option and let it unfold, the mystery will continue and everything that happens will be a revelation; if we go for the second option and fill it up to the brim, we will still enjoy it and when it ends will wonder at how much happened; we can love, hate or ignore it in either scenario. There are days that appear to be long, while there are others that just fly away…..both have twenty four hours – it’s what we do in those hours that is responsible for the length of the day felt by us. There are days we want to remember and days we do not want to – each one has a reason. Our aim should be to make most days of the first category.It is said that our days are numbered so why not put more life into days? It’s actually a very good idea – you get to enjoy each and every day! It is not possible to alter the number of days allotted to us but it certainly is possible to make those days worthwhile. Having a good day is as much in our hands as making a bad day good, at least towards the end, so that we have the satisfaction of having done our bit and there is always the belief that the next morning we will have a fresh beginning to make with a brand new day.



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