What to do and how – a tribute

My mother taught me many important lessons from the time I was capable enough of doing things. As far back as I can remember, she was always there for me to pass on this pearl of wisdom – what to do and how to do it. All daughters inevitably turn towards their mothers whenever they are stuck, and I was no exception – I knew where to look for and almost always received the most practical and sensible answer to my dilemma. At that time, I was plain happy and satisfied with the solution and did not have the time to think beyond; but today when I sit back and remember the instances my mother guided me on what to do and how, I’m filled with gratitude for her and amazed at her power to provide solutions to all my problems (in fact, she had solutions for everyone’s problems!).Everyone knew where to go to when stuck – a young mother-to-be facing morning sickness came to her and went back relieved, worried parents having problems with kids admissions met her and found a solution, the neighbors wanted her intervention in organizing community outings, festival celebrations and parties…..the list of people whom she touched is really long. She had the knack of getting things done – she was a ‘people’s person’ in the truest sense. Rarely was someone upset with her. The one supreme quality she possessed was an element of fun – no one ever had a dull moment in her company. Never was a task a burden for her – she knew how to enjoy what she was doing. She was full of life and she passed on this exuberance to all who came in contact with her. At times, when all of us crib about lack of time, I wonder how she always had (or made?) time for everyone and everything! Her twenty four hours were packed to capacity; but she knew the art of what to do and how really well – she continues to remain my role model and will always be!





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