The web

Life resembles a spider’s web. Each one of us has their own web and we move along it like a trained tightrope walker. We get stuck, we maneuver, we make our way and carry on…..We are also connected to other people’s webs and along the journey we keep meeting, and parting and meeting again. The connections that we make on this journey make our life beautiful and worthwhile. Each one whom we meet is important and has a role to play in our lives. At the time of meeting them we may not realize this, but somewhere along the long journey we are able to fill in the jig saw puzzle pieces and are amazed at the outcome. The web also is very much like a maze and on many occasions things may seem to come back to square one – and that is life. We begin again after a setback because we know that the web has to continue – it is destined to. The most amazing part of this web of life is its resilience. The connections with other people’s webs are as crucial as maintaining the stability of our own web. Along the journey, these connections need to be nurtured and strengthened so that in the larger picture of a huge web, we are able to find many in our web as well as ourselves in the web of many others.


2 thoughts on “The web

  1. Nice thought,Tai 🙂
    It’s so true that it’s the connections that we make on this journey make our life beautiful and worthwhile.The best part is that our webs are connected.
    Very well said,Tai.
    I am glad our webs are entwined and together with each others help and support we’ll weave a beautiful web-one that will add beauty to the larger web.

    Lots of love & regards,

    • Thank you, Bhavya for once again feeling the way I feel…..Your and my webs are certainly closely entwined… you lots…..God bless you!


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