The number nine

I love the number nine – everyone has their favorites and mine is this. It’s the last and the largest single digit number, looks sleek and smart and for me has beautiful memories attached to it! My liking for the number nine has made me realize that so many things around us are related to it – the game ‘nine pins’ has nine pins and not eight, seven or six; a cat is said to have nine lives, there is a proverb that goes – a stitch in time saves nine (why not more or less than nine…), sum of digits of numbers derived from multiples of 9 are themselves always a multiple of 9 (does it sound too confusing? But it is a fact!). The human baby develops in the mother’s womb for nine months – does number nine need any other thing to prove that it is the best? I think this is ultimate because even God must have preferred it over others, isn’t it? Being on ‘cloud nine’ is again a privilege of only the number nine! When a child learns to write, the number nine is the simplest (after 1, of course!) and the liking begins from there itself, I guess. Moving on to Hindi and Sanskrit, ‘nav’ which means nine is again the preferred one – there are ‘nav ras’(nine emotions like anger, love, patriotism etc.) and ‘nav ratna’(nine gems like diamond, ruby, emerald…. the maestros of Emperor Akbar’s court were ordained with the name ‘nav ratna’ and in more recent times the nine best Indian Companies are conferred this title ). There may be many more significances of the number but at the moment I am able to think of these, and they are ample enough to cement my relationship with the number nine.



2 thoughts on “The number nine

  1. That’s interesting,Tai …:) and yes,’9′ is indeed a very special number and will always remain so! I could connect to your fondness for this number.
    Huggy hug!…:)
    Lots of love & regards,

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