Companions on a journey

People closer to my age will distinctly remember the ‘train travel’ days with piles and piles of luggage (items had to be counted to keep a tab in case anything went amiss!). A family holiday meant a trunk, holdall (meant for carrying the bedding and any and everything that could not be accommodated elsewhere; children of this day and age will have to be shown an antique piece physically to make them understand what it actually was!), a couple of suitcases, two to three overstuffed bags, food baskets and water containers and above all a chain to lock them securely on to the berth on the train. All this made sure that the journey was comfortable with your own familiar bed spreads, food and entertainment (books, board games, cards, radio for the noisy cricket commentary and unclear film songs and what not!). The families played games, chatted, ate – actually enjoyed the trip. On most occasions, these journeys over shot the arrival timings and a delayed one meant more fun – the cribbing, cursing and eating helped in passing those extra hours. There was the anticipation of reaching the destination, a relative waiting to receive, and the excitement of meeting many more during the time to come. The delay and its repercussions were lost in all this and preparations for alighting started in right earnest – gathering your ‘companions’ and inching closer to the exit maneuvering the crowd was a lesson in tight rope walking – one needed that level of dexterity! The end of the journey always saw a scrubby but happy family and its ‘companions’ getting down the train in glee.



2 thoughts on “Companions on a journey

    • Thank you, Bhavya! It feels great to be appreciated….you remind me of my mother who never missed an opportunity to appreciate someone….Lots of love and aashirwad.

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