Music – the wonder drug

According to Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Take a music bath once or twice a week – you will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body”. Amazing….. truly. We all have experienced the power of music, whether it is to soothe our wrinkled nerves or a ruffled pre nursery class! It never goes wrong – it is, indeed, a miracle drug. Isn’t it amazing that both pleasure and pain, fun and tragedy, innocence and naughtiness is conveyed perfectly through music. Music has shown to be effective in the growth of plants; it can arouse religious feelings, feelings of universal brotherhood and nationality, feelings of romance, it can put  you to sleep and it can keep you awake listening to it the whole night, it can make you dance; it can be great company when you are all alone – anything that can do so much is without doubt a wonder drug! There is another mystery to it and that is that it can be enjoyed with and without words – words just add another level to it. The poetry blends with the music to convey the poet’s feelings – the magic works and the listener instantly connects and starts experiencing the same feelings. It is said that the music of Tansen, the musician in Emperor Akbar’s court, had the power to light up the lamps or bring down rain! We may or may not like to believe that story entirely but certainly music reaches much, much beyond the ears.



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