Saying it with signs and symbols

Red color alerts you, green and blue soothe you and white signifies peace. They have, over the years, become symbols that play on our psyche to arouse a myriad of actions and reactions. At times they are more effective and faster in communicating than words. A visual representation (sign/symbol) has universality and can break many barriers, specially that of language. The traffic signs, signs at hospitals, toilets, libraries, offices, and escalators are observed and adhered to by all. Most pure sciences – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry owe their very existence to them and it is impossible to imagine these subjects without signs and symbols. Music and dance are representations of them and any written text if not laced with proper signs and symbols at the right places may lose its meaning totally. Their power can be assessed by the fact that there is an entire language – the sign language – based on them. Those who understand and ‘speak’ this language are well equipped to ‘converse’ in any part of the globe they are in. The sign language is truly a ‘universal language’. The communication through it is fast, direct, effective and clear. While explaining concepts to young children at school and home most teachers (and parents too!) make ample use of signs and symbols for clarity and retention (who can forget the effect of the ‘finger on your lips’ sign of our teachers when the class was noisy and uncontrollable!). In today’s time and age the frequent use of ‘smileys’ and other such notations by the younger generation all go on to prove the power and acceptance of signs and symbols 🙂



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