A hug for the winter

A cool winter morning full of haze,

Is a sight you just want to gaze,

For its serenity…. and charmingly slow pace,

That is calm, yet has its own charm.


When you look out of the window all is still,

It is as if everything has taken a chill pill!

But when you move out, life is beating the chill.

It’s just another day, though a little uphill!


You see the watchman at the gate,

All covered up but still making you safe.

And the milkman, the newspaper man all in tow,

To begin the day with the word go!


So, if you are all bundled up and feeling low,

Just get up, and go….

To experience nature as a friend and not a foe!

And run to hug the wintry dew.






4 thoughts on “A hug for the winter

  1. What a lovely composition ,Tai-inspiring and graceful!:)
    Completely loved it!:)

    Lots of love, regards and a big hug,

    • Thank you so much, Bhavya! It’s great to share my feelings with the people who matter….thank you for the appreciation….

      Love and ashirwad and a hug, of course!


    • Thanks, Savita, for the appreciation! The ‘gene’ was always there – bas, never had the time …. Writing is cathartic and gives a lot of peace to me.

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