This story is about a frog,who along with many other animals was trying to make it to the top of a well.While he took one step at a time,he realized there were animals below him who told him that he shouldn’t try and that he would slip and fall and never make it.There were animals at the top who told him to give up because it was useless and that he would eventually fall.

Guess what?The frog made it to the top!Everyone was shocked.The animals asked him,”How did you manage this difficult feat?”They got no answer.They asked him repeatedly until they realized that the frog was deaf!!

This simple story titled “The frog hero” is a great lesson giver. It set me thinking as I read it somewhere some time back. It talks about the importance of opinion. Human beings by virtue of their intelligence are opinionated; and there is no harm in being that. Each one is entitled to his or her opinion about practically anything under the sun. The problem arises when we try to impose this opinion on others. Our view (opinion) is fine till it is limited to us. Once it crosses the boundary and tries to influence others, there might be a problem, and a serious one at that! Going back to the story, had the frog listened to the animals at the top and bottom of the well and stopped climbing he would never have been able to make it to the top. His deafness became a boon for him. All of us have to, at some stage or the other, become deaf to opinions of others to achieve what we want to. Pursuing anything with conviction and faith in oneself is the only way to achieve what we have set out to. We need to become ‘the frog’ to reach the top of the well!



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