Who me??

One day a little orphan girl stood at the street corner begging for food, money or anything she could get. Her clothes were in tatters and she looked disheveled. A well-to-do man passed that corner without giving that girl a second look. When he returned to his plush home to his happy family and a well laden dinner table, his thoughts returned to the orphan. He was angry with God for allowing such conditions to exist. He reproached God, saying, “How can you let this happen? Why don’t you do something to help this girl?” He heard God in the depths of his being say: “I did, I created you.”

I read this poignant little story sometime back and wanted to share it. It just goes on to cement our faith in the power of giving. This time of the year is a time to give but give we can any time of the year. It can be giving a smile….a hug…..an ear to just listen to someone…..a shoulder to unburden…..a little of our time. It’s the thought, the act of being there, of acknowledging the other. Giving has nothing to do with money – it is actually beyond money. The satisfaction giving brings to the giver is equally gratifying, if not more, for the recipient. It is so simple yet so complicated. If all of us are ready to give, it does not guarantee a satisfied world around, but certainly peace within.



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