Likes and dislikes

Strong human emotions – likes and dislikes! We either like someone or something or dislike someone or something…..yes, and sometimes it is somewhere in between the two – we are okay with them/it….neither like him/her/it very much or dislike him/her/it strongly. This in between ‘okay’ is actually learning to live with him/her/it….learning to cope…..learning to adjust and mould ourselves to accommodate the person/thing. A part of this adjustment and accommodation is inherent – some people are born more tolerant than others, and some of it is acquired over the years. As kids, likes and dislikes are very strong – “I hate milk”, “I don’t like the girl who sits next to me in class”…..there are numerous such examples that all of us can think of from our childhood! As we grow older, the learning begins and by teenage we still have very, very strong likes and dislikes but that adjustment and accommodation has begun to set in – we still “hate milk” but can try a concoction of it with drinking chocolate or strawberry crush, we still “don’t like” the girl on the next seat but have no problems if she is there! In adulthood, the process takes a step further and the adjustment and accommodation is quite strong by now. We may still “hate milk” but consume it twice daily because of its health benefits and be actually polite to the “girl on the adjacent seat”. The likes and dislikes are still there, but by now we have a weighing scale in place inside us which we make use of  in deciding when and how to exhibit them. This is how we cope with most of the things …and progress in life. In old age, though, sometimes the behavior may resurface and we might become as staunch and stubborn as we were when we began, but we have our near and dear ones around who then adjust and accommodate to complete the circle.



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