Nothing in this world is constant. Everything moves, stops for a while and starts moving again. We can see many such instances around – in our lives, and in other people’s lives. It’s like the traffic signal – when it is green, everything moves at a fast pace, it turns red and everything stops, but the most important and happening phase is when it turns yellow and where the preparation takes place. It’s the time for one’s own self – to prepare, to decide and to move. Yellow light is that crucial GAP that needs to be effectively filled up so that the journey ahead is smoother. It is the time for introspection, time to ponder, time that one gives to his/her self to understand, more than anything else one’s own self and what one plans to do with life. Such gaps occur at different phases in people’s life. Sometimes they just happen while at others, one deliberately plans and takes these gaps. But how so ever they happen, their importance cannot be questioned. At the end, they always seem to justify their happening. Though in the first case when they just happen, they are not as welcomed and are mostly treated as ‘breaks’ as opposed to the second case when each moment of it is savored and used as a learning experience. These gaps may come in education, career or in any other milestone of life. One thing that is sure is that it ends, and  brings about a change just like the yellow light does, bringing on the green light and renewed action along with it. It is upon us to make good use of the gap, the yellow light, to give a new meaning to our lives, and jump start with renewed energy and enthusiasm.



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