Take care

While bidding adieu most of us say “take care”. It’s a simple phrase but has deep meaning. When you want someone to take care of themselves, it means they are very precious, very dear to you. You want them to stay happy and healthy. As a matter of fact, each one of us has to take care of ourselves – for us and for those who love us. As a child we are taken care of and gradually as we grow older the responsibility of taking care of ourselves rests upon us. The circle rotates and a stage comes when we are ready to take care of those who took care of us. To be able to take care of them, we have to take care of ourselves. So, by taking care of ourselves we are arming us…. preparing us. There is a wonderful feeling of satisfaction in ‘taking care’ of others – of whom we know and love certainly, and sometimes of whom we do not know too! Taking care of any living being for that matter gives the same feeling. I’m sure each one of us has experienced it at some time or the other in our lives – when as a kid we gave warm milk to a hungry, wet pup on a cold winter evening, or bandaged a wound of an injured sparrow on our terrace. The joy of seeing the wagging tail of the pup or the flight of the sparrow remains with us for life – such is the power of ‘taking care’. Here, can we take the act of taking care a little further and increase its scope to include things as well? Taking care of our clothes, shoes, books, gadgets and so on and so forth to the nature, environment and earth. These inanimate things cannot express through words or gestures that they need care, but certainly they need to be cared for. Human beings are capable of taking care of themselves but all of these will perish without our care. We are responsible for their survival. For them we cannot say “take care” and move on but will have to take a step forward in taking care of them.




2 thoughts on “Take care

  1. Nice thought,tai:) I have too, thought about on similar lines at times.You have very well expressed the feeling behind saying ,”Take care”, which has a much greater impact on both,the recipient and the speaker.
    Take care:)
    With love & regards,

    • Thanks, Bhavya…..actually most of the things we say mean a lot….its only that we cannot dwell on everything that we say…..good to know that you have experienced similar thoughts. Love and keep taking care of yourself:)

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