A pack of cards

Life is like a pack of cards,

The spades, the clubs, the diamonds and the hearts,

All play their role and go back to the packs.

Their role depends partly on the rules,

And partly on the players’ moves,

The more deft a player the better his maneuvers,

And the weaker one loses…. but only to learn,

And come back to play better prepared,

For the challenges that once made him stand,

And think, and plan to move ahead,

To play the game when fully prepared,

And go back to the pack with no regrets.







4 thoughts on “A pack of cards

  1. Yes Boju. Modern physicists do believe in the laws of chance. The psychologist Alfred Adler however believed that life is deterministic. He reasoned that persons are born with a set of inner desires. Behavior depends on these desires and the situations the person encounters in life. And since both the inner desires and the environment one finds herself in, are not in the individuals control what will be will be…

    • True Bappu, what will be, will be and we are all here to make the best of the inner desires and the situations – we can’t change either but surely can navigate effectively….

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