Self control

One of the superior traits of the human species is the power of control over self. It is simple, yet very complex. It is not easy to exercise self control. We all are able to control things which someone else has a control on (or has devised for us, rules for example…..though they too are oft broken!) rather easily. It is always difficult to put and follow the controls that we put on our own selves.A simple example of this is the day when we decide not to have sugar – we are faced with the ‘sweetest’ day where sweets are offered to us more than on any other day. Little more complex is a situation where we decide to drive slowly within a certain speed limit (both the accelerator and the brake are in our control!) and are tempted by a road that is unusually empty. And the most complex is the control over our emotions – fear, anger etc. The person who can exercise self control even in the most difficult situations is the winner – he has won against himself, he has overpowered his own temptations and that is a great victory. This victory is not easy –  in fact, it is very difficult to achieve, but even if we taste it a few times it is worth it. I am sure all who are lucky to have been able to exercise self control successfully will never forget the sense of achievement felt at every small occasion – the occasion might look small but it is worth much more. Its true worth is immeasurable for the person who has won over self.


4 thoughts on “Self control

  1. Yes Boju. We are at the mercy of our instincts but self control leads to the satisfying feeling of self conquest.

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