The ‘S’ fever

Amongst the ‘n’ number of fevers that grip the city at this time of the year like malaria, dengue etc. there is another very severe malady that surfaces and it is the ‘S’ fever! Any guesses?? Yes, some of you might have figured it out – it’s the ‘Sale’ fever. You name it and it’s there……sale of clothes, furnishings, handicrafts, shoes, chocolates, books, end of season, pre season, post season, clearance (and the best one I read about was of a ‘fitness center’ giving an extra loss of five kgs. on losing ten! Can you beat that! whether you need to lose or not is immaterial, its an ‘offer’)…..the list is endless and so are the offers! One with one, old exchanged for new, lures like the more amount you shop for, bigger the gift in return (who’s fooling whom?) and many, many innovative wooing tactics. Almost all of us fall prey to this fever – it’s very contagious, you see…..some very sturdy, strong willed members of the species (usually the males!) have the immunity to brave the virus. Anyway, those who do should actually seriously think of publishing preventive guidelines to stop the spread of this fever. There are people who wait the whole year for this fever (I’m sure no one waits for any other fever!) and are very satisfied and happy with the bargain flaunting each purchase (usually after the sale period) as if to make you feel that you lost out on something really good! On most occasions, later on they realize that they have ended up buying things they either did not want, or were out dated or out of fashion, were sub-standard or marked with artificially hiked prices to make them ‘feel’ the bargain. Nonetheless, the person who walks away merrily to the bank is the seller because the ‘fever’ has claimed its victim and he is very sure that the next year people will not remember the lesson and once again  the ‘fever’ will surface with a vengence madly gripping every one and everything in sight.



2 thoughts on “The ‘S’ fever

  1. True Boju. As Benjamin Franklin said,” Buy what you do not need and soon you will have to sell your essentials “. You are the only one in our family with the virtue of frugality.

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