Be there in adversity

This simple sentence was oft repeated by my mother. When I was a child it was difficult to actually understand it in all its complexity. It just instilled in me that if someone has a problem do not look to the other side. As I grew up and faced life the meaning of this sentence became clearer and clearer. It takes a lot to ‘be there’ with the person in his or her bad times. The person undergoing the phase remembers every single one who was there with him/her. He always wishes the very best for him/her….always wants him to remain happy. There have been many a lesson my mother taught me (like most mothers do!) and I try to follow most of them now (very honestly, I may not have followed all of them when they were given to me – a natural rebellious streak surfaces when ‘lessons’ are ‘taught’ specially by parents…..). However, I cannot do much for the time that has passed, but for what is still there in my hands I have vouched to abide by this simple sentence – be there in adversity. It gives a great satisfaction and inner peace when you are able to be with someone when they need you. Sometimes it may not be more than a few comforting words that are required, while at others, maybe, a little more than that. Adversity cannot be foreseen and hence its impact is tremendous….it can totally crumble a person. He/she requires the initial support and confidence to start again and the rest takes care of itself. I feel that if by ‘being there’ one is able to make the person stand on his/her own – it is worth the effort, isn’t it?


3 thoughts on “Be there in adversity

    • Thank you, Bhavya…. your post ‘Nani way’ is superb!! Unable to comment on your page….some technical problem I guess….g-mail too not working….Our elders are the best teachers and role models. Their experience is valuable and worth learning from. Just loved your tribute to your Nani – Bhavya-way!!!!

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