Appear disappear

People, places, things appear to disappear,

When they appear they bring joy, hope and cheer.

And when they disappear all that is left is despair.

While places and things may reappear,

People may go to a place that is not so near;

And we know that they will never ever appear.

At that point we treasure the memory that becomes ever so dear,

To bind us together in a bond so pure;

And make us with grace and dignity hold back the tear,

To celebrate the togetherness of many a spent year,

And share the pleasures of moments so dear,

That without their physical presence they reappear.


2 thoughts on “Appear disappear

  1. Tai,today what you have expressed through words is something which I don’t think anyone can!…I could feel each and every emotion behind it…This is nothing but LOVE personified! A big hug to you…This one is a masterpiece!…We’ll be together forever and always!…Your grace and grit is my inspiration!…I am sure,everyone(seen and unseen) is proud of you!
    God bless!

    • Thank you so much dear Bhavya…..this one just poured out effortlessly…..I’m glad that it is able to convey what and how I feel……I have a strong support of all of you children who give me the love and strength…….May God bless all of you!

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