Is routine good or bad! Is breaking a routine energizing or following it important? Well, a combination of both I guess. There is no parallel to following a routine but being rigid to the extent of being obsessive may prove to be harmful. It may cause problems on many occasions. Just like the middle path works in most life situations, it works in this case too. One has to always think of ways of making life interesting and sometimes breaking a routine may be the answer. It may just add the missing spark! Most creative people are great supporters of breaking the routine (the concept of ‘out of the box’ is essentially this only!). Something that one is not used to doing (or even remotely thinking about) just works and works well. In fact, as someone somewhere remarked that one should break the routine in at least one thing a day to energize the mind. On the other hand, following a routine keeps one prim and proper by bringing order and semblance. To each one his/her own will always hold true and personally I feel the best of both (following a routine and breaking it sometimes!) should definitely be explored and experienced.


2 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Lovely thought aunty, liked the flow very much..
    I guess the article is very true, being rigid to a routine may cause issues. One should be agile enough to make things happening and flexible enough to keep on going..

    • Thanks Harsh, thank you very much! Actually these little things in life do make a difference…….knowingly or unknowingly we follow them to make the journey interesting……

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