I very distinctly remember that when we were young and we did not do a thing correctly we were told to re-do it. It happened at school as well as at home. At that time,‘re-doing’ simply meant another couple of hours more to do the same task over which often made it boring and us rebellious to the extent that the result at times would be worst than the original! But for a moment, just think of all those ‘boring’ tasks and I’m sure you will remember all of them (and you will be good at them now!). This is the magic of ‘re-doing’. It cements….and makes it permanent. All our good habits are the result of re-doing and so are our bad habits. This simple and straight forward repetition has far reaching influences on us. That is exactly the reason why after a wrong deed we were made to utter the line “I will not do it again”. As we grow older, the onus of ‘re-doing’ rests on us. There is no school or parental enforcement. But as I said earlier, by experience we start understanding its need and importance and practice it as if in auto pilot (the faith that it never goes wrong is always there to keep us at it).


2 thoughts on “Re-doing

  1. Just going through your lovely blog again, Shipra, and am specially moved by this post. So true, so simple, so hard. The Magic of Re-doing. Yes!

    I love the clarity and the simplicity of your writing.

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