That girl in the oversized frock

I saw her each time I passed the traffic light,

Saw her each morning and at even late at night.

The girl in the oversized frock always caught my attention,

She had to do just that was the irony of the situation.

I understood her plight, but was unable to fight,

Or think of a solution that gave her a chance,

To at least wear a frock of her size.

Then one morning she was nowhere to be seen,

It happened for a few days and became a routine.

It made me anxious and very, very keen,

I moved away though as the light turned green.

But that feeling inside was difficult to explain…

Then when I passed that signal one day at noon,

I saw her with a school bag which seemed like a boon.

Her hair was neat and she looked clean,

Proudly wearing a frock of her size.


2 thoughts on “That girl in the oversized frock

  1. Tremendous thought Aunty, I just loved the way these lines are put forward..
    Awesome image combination, really a great one..

    well i miss social networking links to share these articles/posts..
    please see if you can add those.. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much, Harsh. These thoughts lie dormant at some corner of the heart and come out once in a while – am happy to be able to vent them out positively.

    Also, thanks for the idea – it’s great! Will surely try and incorporate it [courtesy Maya, of course :-)] Having techies around certainly helps:-)

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