This small word is full of wonders – both for the thing that is being updated and for the one who is updating. The thing that is being updated gets a brand new look and the one updating too enhances his/her skills and somewhere his/her own self. Updating can happen at any age (and here, again, it is the age of the thing being updated and the one who is updating!); though earlier the better! The act of constantly learning and adapting (updating) keeps you in sync with the times. On most occasions when people crib about feeling ‘out of place’ it is because they are a little laid back in updating themselves. If we look around and see those who are leading fuller lives we will find that they constantly keep updating themselves. If things are not updated they start getting defunct and finally perish. Similar is the case with people – the danger of getting ‘defunct’ looms large here too. Updating is, therefore, the key again for both things and people. It may not be very difficult – though in the case of things, they have to wait for someone to update them while in the case of people, they are capable of realizing the need and taking appropriate remedial actions. They have been blessed with the power and the capability to do so and it is solely up to them to make use of it – they do not, and should not, need to wait for someone to do it for them.


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