At the end

“Well begun is half done” they say. Let me take it a little forward and focus on “well ended”. The satisfaction that a task….a day that ends well gives is immense. At the end of the day if we are able to reflect upon and feel worthwhile it is a great feeling. There are, of course, good days and bad – some are very productive and some not so much; nonetheless if deep down inside we are able to justify spending the gift of a day that we received fruitfully we are at peace. This does not mean that only by working we are able to end the day on a satisfying note; we can have a very satisfying day when we do not work at all but spend a relaxing day with the family. What such a day brings to us is inner joy….and we retire for the night with a mind and body that is free of creases (just like a freshly ironed shirt is!). This ‘ironing’ is as crucial, in fact sometimes even more, as a day of hectic work. The beginning of the day is there for everyone to see but the end is for us and us alone. So, it is entirely up to us how we end a day. Things may go wrong, plans may not work as anticipated, schedules may become hap hazard – but ending the day  still remains  our prerogative. Always remember that the final ‘cherry’ to be placed on top of the cake (ie. the day) at the end is with us – go ahead and  use  it to make your ‘cake’(day) perfect!


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