A friendly look

A friendly look may most of the time be from a complete stranger – isn’t that strange….yes, strange but true! Just pause for a moment and think of all those ‘friendly looks’ and I’m sure you’ll be able to think about many. These are actually looks that make you feel comfortable without uttering a single word  and which reassure you that the world is, in fact, a friendly place. The look (with a serene and welcoming smile) of the watchman at the big school gate where your parents dropped you on the first day of school – all the fear and inhibition of entering an unknown territory vanished with that. The first day of college and your tense nerves easing out with that reassuring look of a senior remains with you for life. You can never forget the gentle smile of the receptionist at the office where you went for your first interview. The accepting look on the face of your mother-in-law when you entered your husband’s home as a new bride always remains the one you wish to have in a similar situation later in your life. Nothing can be friendlier than the friendly look of a neighbor when you have just shifted to a new house. All those who gave you the ‘friendly looks’ were not your friends (in fact you saw most of them for the very first time!) but that look made all the difference. We have and will find ourselves in similar situations, but there will always be someone with that ‘friendly look’ for us to reaffirm our faith. Shouldn’t we try and be the one with that ‘look’?


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