The fruit seller – a true story

When I finished writing my last post, I was reminded of a very poignant true story which I really….really wish to share.
There was this old bearded fruit seller who had his cart parked at one particular spot and I usually stopped there to buy fruits whenever I passed that point. One afternoon when I was coming back from work and in a hurry to reach home I saw his cart with very fresh looking grapes and decided to purchase some. I didn’t want to get out of the car, so I asked him for the price and after settling down to a reasonable one requested him to select half a kg of good, ripe, sweet ones for me. “Now that is a really difficult task you have given me”, he replied. To clear my confused expression he explained- “Why I say so is because I’m answerable to HIM when I reach there (pointing upwards!) if I give you the substandard ones” and continued with diligently selecting a chunky bunch. He then weighed it and handed it over to me.
He was little aware of the lesson in honesty and integrity he had taught me that day along with the sweetest grapes.


2 thoughts on “The fruit seller – a true story

    • These are lessons that life teaches us in its purest form! They add depth and sweetness (like that of the grapes!) to our otherwise complicated and mundane lives….Thanks, Maya, for remembering it.

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