If it is the growing years or the fast paced life I do not know, but of late I have been experiencing this phenomena called ‘nostalgia’ a little too often. I remember my mother’s food, the chocolate bought on special occasions and one bar being shared by the entire family, the glass cold drink bottle being savored in the movie hall, that once in a year family dinner in a restaurant. All this comes back to me in a flashback… is soothing….it is pleasurable…… I keep talking about ‘present’ and the ‘power of today’ and I still stand by how important ‘today’ is but I feel all that I have just spoken about is not past. It is a part of me and when I am in the present how can my memories be past? They will always be where I am. I do not feel sad thinking of them – they actually fill me up with joy and always bring a smile to the lips. This is nostalgia! It is something that enlivens and not something that depresses. It has to be cherished and nourished so that it is never ever lost. I try to treasure it in the priciest corner of my heart where it will stay forever and will keep reminding me of the wonderful time I have been lucky to have spent on this earth. I also share it (like I’m at the moment) at times – it helps in reliving and making the bond between my memories….my nostalgia and me stronger. I find nostalgia a very positive and reinforcing element that makes life beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Nostalgia

    • Nostalgia does pull the strings of our hearts….but we have the will and the power to remain strong,positive and move forward…lots of love to you too, Maya….and remain happy always….

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