Mirror mirror on the wall

The inborn narcissist inside all of us must have been definitely the reason behind the invention of the mirror. How did the Queens and princesses of yore manage without it is a mystery for me (because the fairer sex needs it every couple of hours to remain and feel fairer!). Perhaps they managed with a polished utensil or a tub full of water to check and recheck their beauty. Each new spot and line needs to be analyzed first and then rectified at the earliest. The cosmetic industry should be thankful to the humble mirror for sustaining their business. It is the mirror which makes the individual aware of what’s new on their face and body and whether it should or should not be welcomed! Have you noticed the number of mirrors in a salon? They could do with a couple, but the entire walls are adorned with various shapes and sizes of mirrors because it is the mirror which brings them business! If one doesn’t see the faults, how would they come for corrections? Each new wrinkle, each grey strand magnified in the mirror presses the alarm signal and one rushes to the salon at the earliest opportunity! Usually women are the ‘mirror syndrome’ victims but men too have their good or bad ‘mirror days’. The protruding belly, the balding scalp can really ruin their day. We all love mirrors that make us look good – can it actually happen? Since a mirror projects a mere reflection, how can it ‘make’ us look good or bad? Too complicated….but we do have our favorite mirrors and love them for obvious reasons. So, all you youngsters who have lost count of the times you look at the mirror in a day, just relax…. This has been happening from the time of ‘Snow white’ and will continue…..you are just carrying the legacy forward!


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