“As White as snow”, “As fit as a fiddle”…… there’s an endless list of comparisons we are used to listening and reading. We have got into the habit of comparing – it is a faster way to comprehend. When the whiteness is compared to snow we are able to immediately assess the whiteness of a thing and same is true of many other comparisons – they provide clarity! The actual problem with comparison arises when, along with things, we start comparing people! It becomes not only a problem but a sad one at that. Children are the most common preys to such ‘sad comparisons’. Children who are just about to blossom get nipped in the bud. As they grow up, being so used to it, they start comparing their friends, colleagues, life partners and the result is a constant state of displeasure and  seeking someone like someone else! Relationships are marred…..lives changed. Each one is different and the sooner we realize it, the better. If as children we are accepted as we are, we will grow up to be unbiased. It will save a lot of discontentment and frustration. No two people are exactly similar, but two things are. So, it is possible to compare two things but not two people – it’s as simple as that and perhaps as complicated too!


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