Too much too soon

This is one thing that bothers me quite often these days….too much too soon. In the fast paced lives that people are leading too much is happening too soon…..and all seem to be loving it! That gives them a high…a motivation. But in all this hum-drum have we forgotten to ‘stand and stare’? Those moments that one can cherish later on in life are vanishing….What will the children of today reflect on when they are in their middle ages….perhaps hopping from school to music class to dramatics session to dance class to karate ……the list is endless. And for that matter the youth who is striving to excel at work to be the fore-runner has left them with little time to enjoy the small pleasures. They do realize the need and all are making attempts consciously try and  grab some of those at least amidst their routines – the irony is that to just ‘stand and stare’ serious planning takes place! This ‘too much too soon’ syndrome is affecting the quality…. quality of everything….from human beings, their life to the fruits and vegetables that we consume. Why is it that we pine for the taste of food that we ate as children? There is technical advancement and we are progressing fast but do we reflect? Do we spare enough thought…thought for people….thought for things….thought for our surrounding. I’m afraid we are walking on a very self centered path and in the race to achieve too much too soon there is a danger of losing too much too soon.


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