Importance of others

“Man is a social animal” the saying goes….why not the woman??? Socializing is as important for a woman as it is for a man and for that matter for infants, children, animals, in fact every living thing desires company. It is what keeps you alive by stimulating the mind and body. We demand it when we are infants and children and seek it when as we grow older. Its importance comes very close after water and food for survival. Can anyone beat the popularity of the very ‘in’ concept of the social net working sites? It all boils down to the basic urge to stay in touch….to share….to be connected – to socialize. Socializing has nothing to do with age, sex or any other status either. Yes, there can be varying degrees – some people may be very social, others a wee bit less and it is then that we give them terms like introverts and extroverts. They are just names given to different personality types and have no positive or negative connotation whatsoever. As long as the person has no real problems in socializing all is normal and if such problems do surface they need deft handling right from the beginning i.e. from childhood. Some of the most complicated issues may have their roots in social interaction (and some of the most beautiful relationships owe their origin to it too!). As we move forward in the journey called life, that zing and beauty to it is added by the presence of  people who share it with us.


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